Houston Texans 2014 Preview: Offense

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With a new head coach in Bill O’Brien, a new attitude and a new outlook on their place in the NFL, the offense of the Houston Texans is looking to make big strides for the 2014 season, improving on an offense that didn’t do so well last season.

The Texans were the worst team in the NFL last season, finishing with a 2-14 overall record, including 14 consecutive losses.

Here is a preview of the 2014 offense for the Texas.

One big difference for the Texans’ offense in ’14 is the offensive scheme of first-year head coach Bill O’Brien, who the Texans hired in January after he was the head coach at Penn State the past two seasons. Before coaching at PSU, O’Brien was the offensive coordinator of the New England Patriots.

Now, as we near the ’14 season, with a new head coach comes more changes to an offense that was 11th overall in the NFL in yards per game (347.5) but 31st overall in points per game at 17.2.

The Texans offense even had the worst turnover ratio at -20. Compare that to the team with the best, the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks, at +20.

If you have looked closely, the three quarterbacks that took a snap at quarterback last season (Matt Schaub, Case Keenum, T.J. Yates) all have been traded or released by O’Brien and the Texans this offseason.

This offense is starting to take the attitude of their new head coach with his stamp on it, but the question is: Are the pieces he has put in place enough for the Texans to take a step in the right direction in ’14?

There was no question the Texans needed to make a big change with their offense – and they have – but have the changes been enough?

Here is a positional outlook of the Texans’ offense.

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