Houston Texans Thursday Roundup


For Thursday’s roundup let’s visit our friends at Fansided’s House of Houston where they wrote an article about the new coaching staff of the Texans.

One of the points in the article was the Texans going without an offensive coordinator this season as head coach Bill O’Brien will call the plays in his rookie year at the helm of the Texans.

Their headlines article stated:

"“That may seem strange to some, but Bill O’Brien will call the plays and be the Head Coach, something similar to Kubiak’s role last season though he did have an ‘official’ offensive coordinator.”"

I believe this is a good move by O’Brien as he’s proven many times in the past he can call plays, and having a former head coach in Romeo Crennel running the defense should make the progress a little easier for O’Brien.

House of Houston also has an article on if drafting Johnny Manziel is a mistake. The article takes a look back a QBs who have been drafted in the first round, and stated the following:

"“Some are debatable, Eli Manning and Jay Cutler for example, so we’ll be liberal and say a team has a 30% chance of getting it right in the first round … Do the Texans really want take Manziel with the first pick, and gamble the next 10 years on a 30% chance? Hell no.”"

I agree. It is a mistake for the Texans to take Manziel in the first round, especially with the No. 1 overall selection. If they are going to do that, I’d rather they select Jadeveon Clowney and put him opposite of J.J. Watt, and see what happens. If they do that the Texans can select a QB in the second round.

But my choices right now are between Blake Bortles and Teddy Bridgewater with the No. 1 overall pick, but if they wait until the second round there could still be some quality QBs on the board as well.

• Here is another article about the new Texans coaching staff, as they were officially announced. O’Brien kept two coaches from the staff of Gary Kubiak in Bill Kollar (defensive line) and Bob Ligashesky (special teams).

The article by Tania Ganguli stated:

"“Several coaches flew down in the following week to begin work. The hiring process unfolded little by little in the next few weeks.”"

From the article it seems like O’Brien has built a nice coaching staff for his first year as an NFL head coach.

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