Houston Texans Roundup: Johnny Manziel Edition


Dec 31, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel (2) runs the ball past Duke Blue Devils defense during the third quarter in the 2013 Chick-fil-A Bowl at the Georgia Dome. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

Johnny Manziel seems to be a hot topic of discussion for the Houston Texans lately, as many feel he should be the next quarterback of the team, while others feel the complete opposite and want the team to stay very far away from the Texas A&M QB.

On argument that I’m completely sick of hearing is he’s from Texas, so the Texans must draft him, or that because he played at Texas A&M, he should get a free pass and be the next Texans QB.

Makes no sense, unless they Texans are just in the business of only selling jerseys and not winning games.

Jan 2, 2014; Miami, FL, USA; Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel (left) sits courtside during the second half of a game between the Golden State Warriors and the Miami Heat at American Airlines Arena. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Manziel is a good QB; I just don’t believe he’s the best QB in this draft.

With that said, there are plenty of folks who agree and disagree with my opinions, and that is great. It makes writing about football a lot more fun than it already is.

Maybe, just maybe, I’m wrong about Manziel not being the right fit for Bill O’Brien’s offense … it wouldn’t be the first time. I liked watching Manziel playing college football, and he’s probably a good guy for those who know him, but can he win football games at the next level? That is my biggest concern.

• An article on Fansided.com by Phil Daniels has an opposite view of myself, but he does make valid points in his defense of Manziel. Daniels wrote comparing this year’s draft to that of 2006 in the argument between Reggie Bush vs. Mario Williams:

"“The Houston Texans shockingly choosing Mario Williams over Reggie Bush should serve as a case study in how to handle a number-one pick in the NFL draft.  Effectively no one besides the Texans front office believed that Williams should have went first overall. In turn, Williams became viewed as a disappointing draft pick; consequently, he put up disappointing production during his rookie season.”"

CBS Sports also had an article on why the Texans should draft Manziel on Tuesday as well. The article by national columnist Gregg Doyel said:

"“The Texans don’t just need to take Manziel with the No. 1 overall pick. They have to take Manziel. They have no other choice, for reasons that are football and business and public relations.”"

Doyel later writes:

"“Since there isn’t a no-brainer with that No. 1 overall pick, that leaves a no-brainer with the No. 1 overall pick: Johnny Manziel.”"

Doyel continues:

"“Every fan base has its limits … But would they return if Manziel is a star somewhere else? Especially if Bortles or Clowney or Bridgewater is a bust in Houston?”"

I think the best way for the Texans to fix their public relations “problem” is to win more games and not worrying about drafting a QB just because he’s from the same state as the pro team that has the No. 1 overall selection.

Just my opinion. Like I said earlier … this is a great time of year because we all have so many varying opinions on every aspect of the draft and the NFL in general.

• In an NFL.com article by Chase Goodbread, it says on Manziel and O’Brien:

"“‘According to trusted sources, the Texans are initially leaning towards taking either Blake Bortles or Johnny Manziel with the top pick. Although Manziel would obviously be the choice of owner Bob McNair, O’Brien is not sold that Manziel possesses the work ethic and intangibles necessary to be the face of a franchise,’ wrote Russ Lande, a former Rams and Browns scout.”"

On the Toro Times Facebook page, I received the following responses when I asked fans if they wanted Manziel as the next Texans QB:

“Don’t know much about the circumstance but would agree that based off his play style and the Texans atmosphere, I don’t think he would mesh well with the team as a whole.”

“Not only no but Hell No. He doesn’t fit our culture.”

It is a tough decision, to say the least.

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