Houston Texans Links: Thursday Roundup


Dec 15, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Houston Texans running back Ben Tate (44) runs the ball during the second quarter against the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

The Christmas holiday is over, but there is still plenty of celebrating to do as the 2013 Houston Texans season is close to being over. But before we get into everything about the offseason, the House of Houston website has already began the offseason with a shopping list.

House of Houston‘s list for the Texans included three items, including this one:

"“New Quarterback, New Coach, New EVERYTHING – We unfortunately found out the neither Case Keenum, Matt Schaub, or T.J. Yates can quarterback this team. We found out Gary Kubiak can’t coach, so we’re going to need a new one of those.”"

Here is an article from the Ultimate Texans blog on the Houston Chronicle with the headline of “Infusion of Texans’ talent aids Eagles’ turnaround.” The article states:

"“No fewer than six Eagles, five of whom were getting ready for the playoffs for Gary Kubiak this time last year, have made their marks on a Philadelphia team that has easily exceeded expectations.”"

One of the players who have made a big difference for the Eagles that is a former Texans player is Connor Barwin.

The article states on Barwin:

"“Linebacker Connor Barwin, reunited with DeMeco Ryans who joined the Eagles in 2011, has been a force on a defense that has given up 21 points or less in 10 of the last 11 games.”"

At least the season has worked out well for those former Texans players. Wonder what the season would have been like in Houston if he and some of the Texans were on the Texans’ roster this season.

I’m guessing it would have been better than the current record that stands at 2-13 overall.

J.J. Watt might have some plastic surgery following the season to repair his nose. In an Associated Press article on the Ultimate Texans blog it says:

"“Now that the season is winding down, the 2012 Defensive Player of the Year tells The Associated Press he’ll look into having plastic surgery to repair the injury. He’s considering the procedure mostly at the prodding of his mother.”"

On ESPN, in an article about Ben Tate it says the following about the injured running back that will be a free agent this offseason about his chances of returning to the Texans:

"“Honestly?” he said, then gave a lengthy pause while he pondered his answer. “Probably so.”"

I think it would be great for Tate to return to the Texans next season, but the only way for that to happen is if Arian Foster wasn’t on the team, and I doubt that will happen this offseason.