Today we saw a team that's lost it's way completely. Th..."/> Today we saw a team that's lost it's way completely. Th..."/> Today we saw a team that's lost it's way completely. Th..."/>

Viva la Revolution! Texans show regime change is needed.


Dec 15, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; (Editors note: caption correction) Houston Texans head coach Wade Phillips reacts during the second quarter against the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Greetings Texans Fans!

Today we saw a team that’s lost it’s way completely. The offense is lifeless, Keenum looks timid and lost while the defense is just going through the motions. This season of agony has only one bright light, the end is almost upon us. The Texans will have the number one draft pick? A bittersweet reward for helping pad the stats of other teams.

Robert McNair, owner of the Texans needs to see this game today for what is it. A clarion call for complete regime change. That may not be entirely fair to Wade Phillips but at this point fair is of little concern. In fact the number two pick of the 2014 draft is going to be the lucky guy of the draft unless something changes at Reliant Stadium. Is it a wonder that Teddy Bridgewater is making noise about staying on one more year in college?

The Texans have talented players, but the system in place is dead in the water.  I’ve been saying this since before pre-season kicked off. A paradigm shift in thinking was needed. I must retract this. A revolution is in order in Houston. The next Head Coach has to be an outsider, someone that comes in with no preconceptions, ideas or biases. It cannot be stressed enough, there is enough talent here to be a great team again, but not under this system.

I know Mr. McNair says the team isn’t rebuilding, fine. Reconfigure, restock, reload. This choice needs to be made before the Super Bowl.

There was a football game played today. Indianapolis looked good. They were confident, prepared and ready to take charge. Not one aspect of the Texans looked ready to play today. Is it just me or did the players look like they’d rather be anywhere but on a football field? 13 or penalties, no offense to speak of aside a really nice 49 yard kick for three points. It’s sad when that is your highlight reel. Oh there was an interception played remarkably well by one Jonathon Joseph. End zone pick offs generally lead to good things. Generally.

Seasons like this shouldn’t happen to well run football teams. Up until game three of this season Houston appeared to be a well run team. Viva la Revolution! Bring on regime change and let’s get back to winning Texans Football!

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