Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars: 5 Bold Predictions

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There will be actual pass protection for the Texans offensive line

I’m not even 100-percent sure of this myself, but this game will be the starting point where the Texans offensive line actually give Case Keenum some actual pass protection.

The only way Keenum or any other QB in the NFL can succeed is if they can have time to find the open receiver, and at times, the second-year QB hasn’t been given that time.

I will say last week was a little better with Keenum being sacked just once, but the Texans did run the ball a lot in the game with Ben Tate, so that is one way for the pass rush protection to improve … just run the ball more.

Being a big game for the Texans in terms of next season with their jobs being scrutinized on a weekly basis, this group better turn their pass protection abilities around or they could be looking for a job this offseason.