The weakness of Keenum; will Oakland abuse Derek Newton?


Sep 30, 2012; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans tackle Derek Newton (75) on the sidelines against the Tennessee Titans in the third quarter at Reliant Stadium. The Texans defeated the Titans 38-14. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Greetings Texans Fans!

Well it’s been a wild week for the Houston Texans.

First Ed Reed was cut loose, then Arian Foster was officially out for the year. Throw in a sick Shane Lecher, out with the flu though he should play against his old team Oakland Sunday, plus the bevy of injuries and well, the Oakland Raiders have to be licking their chops in anticipation of victory.

After the last three games it’s obvious that the best way to ruin the Texans chances of reversing the season from hell is to hang back and try to defend against the pass. Bad move.

Case Keenum has a weakness, and I fully expect the Raiders to exploit it.

That weakness of course is his offensive linemen, specifically Derek Newton. If I’m Oakland, I send one guy rushing from the left and two right at Newton. The entire game.

Yes it is true Houston might just break a few runs up the middle, but it’s a risk worth taking. At this point unless the line mans up, we might yet see No. 8 under center again while our rising star is being evaluated by the medical staff. No-no, not from an injury to his body. A wall of black clad assassins gunning for him every time he gets the football can’t be good for Keenum’s mental well being. Hell, I think Peyton Manning or Tom Brady would be intimated by the lack of support.

That’s not to say there is no hope, hope springs eternal. While this years fountain may have been a tainted trap, the Texans are still a good team. A few adjustments and we might just see an airshow lighting up the score board on Sunday. Expect Kubiak to have some quick screens and leave people back to protect Keenum in more situations this week.

Three weeks in a row is two weeks too many, but for all the problems going on experience isn’t lacking in the coaching staff. I do find it disheartening that Reed was cut, not because he was cut per say, but because the potential he had failed to meet the reality of who he is now.

That’s a shame.

That he was cut for performance reasons boggles the mind, it was rather an insult really when you consider Joe Marciano is still gainfully employed. Can we get some more accountability please?

Glad to see Kubiak is back and in good health, whatever disagreements I may have with his play calling as a person I wish him no ill will. I want him to make the changes necessary for success. Perhaps this will be the spur that he needs? Time will tell. He’s got a mobile, fearless quarterback, unleash the Case, Gary and let the good times roll.