Doom and Gloom in Baltimore: Radical solutions for the Texans

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Sep 22, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco (5) shakes hands with Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt (99) after the game at M

Greetings Texans Fans!

Doom and Gloom in Baltimore has descended like a dark cloud over your Houston Texans, and now it’s time to dissect this miserable loss. Some heads need to roll, well, one head needs to roll.

One but needs to spend a little time riding pine. Trade him now and get value. It’s time to slap him with a fish till he get that’s it’s not working.

We’ll explore each in turn, but first the silver linings.  The defense was stout. Think about it, take away a punt return, take away an interception and it was a 16-9 game. That’s impressive. J.J. Watt got some sack action in, and frankly, is it just me or did the defense look like it was hungry, ready and having fun?

They sure did, the offense looked lost. Oh, good stuff, right let’s stick with that. Randy Bullock nailed field goals, nice! Hopefully he can shake his first couple of games and build on this success.