Houston Texans comment on the Tennessee Titans

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Aug 29, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Houston Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips watches game action on the sidelines during the second half against the Dallas Cowboys at AT

Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips on Titans running back Chris Johnson
“He’s the same explosive guy that he’s been. He’s a guy that you can see why he made 2,000 yards, because he’s got that great explosion. He had a 58-yarder in preseason where nobody came close to catching him. Any time he gets a hole, he can break it all the way. There are just a handful of guys that can go all the way on one play from any part of the field and he’s one of those guys.”

Phillips on the Titans’ offensive line and how they want to stop J.J. Watt
“They can do what they want to do, certainly. Everybody has their own team and can do what they want to do. I think any team in your division that has won the division, you try to beat them first.

“You try to get personnel or whatever it is, to try and match up with them. J.J. is hard to stop, no matter who they have. San Diego’s line was a lot better than it was a year ago for them. I think they did a good job there.”