Texans Can Talk Trash


Sep 9, 2012; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans defensive end Antonio Smith (94) wears a mask during player introductions before the game against the Miami Dolphins at Reliant Stadium. The Texans defeated the Dolphins 30-10. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

Many people view teams by their best or most recognizable player. Teams like the Raiders were considered dirty thanks to players like Bill Romanowski, or the Cowboys being considered obnoxious thanks to Terrell Owens, or the Texans as calm and reserved thanks to Andre Johnson.

A couple players have disproven that mantra this week, however, as both Arian Foster and Antonio “Ninja-Assassin” Smith had something to say to players for the Dolphins on Sunday.

On ESPN’s  Monday Night Football it was revealed that as always certain players were playing with microphones in their helmets to catch some sounds of the game. Foster was one of those players and after he was stuffed for a minimal gain in the second quarter, his tackler made a comment to him. Foster popped back “I don’t even know who you are… turn around so I know who you are.” Foster definitely got the last laugh as he scored a touchdown on the ensuing play and added another touchdown later in the second quarter.

Antonio Smith on the other hand wasn’t necessarily talking trash as opposed to stating facts: Ricky Incognito is a dirty player. Smith  was quoted by Yahoo as saying

"“A dirty player being let to play dirty … Ricky Incognito. Everything that’s illegal that can be done on the football field he does it, but mainly he was hitting people after the play, sliding down on your leg grabbing your ankle and trying to twist to break your ankle and he was doing it right in front of the referees and he was still in the game.“It’s the referees’ job to stop him from doing it because everything that I would do to stop him I would get a penalty for.“I told myself you’ve got to humble yourself and keep playing. There were so many times that I would have to loved [it] to just be like hockey. Drop the helmets off, drop the gloves, go fisticuffs. We’re men. Let’s go at it.”"

It’s nice to see players like Andre Johnson go about their business and respectfully hand the ball to the referee after touchdowns, and say politically correct things in interviews. However, it’s nice to see your guys stick up for themselves and trash talk back when they are being jawed at too.