Houston Texans: DRAFT OFFENSE!


It is time to ponder whom the Texans Front Office will select with the 1st round 26th overall pick. The Texans have the ideal draft coming up, where drafting for depth will be the order of business. Finally there truly isn’t the need for a must start 1st round pick, like CB Kareem Jackson 2 years ago. The Texans should draft who they feel is the best player at the following positions: WR, OT, TE. Whether it be WR Stephen Hill or TE Colby Fleener, the Texans have some flexibility at this pick.

Offensive Needs

We need to fill 3 roles on offense: OL, WR, and TE.

1. Wide Receiver

Another offensive option would be to draft a WR. Neither Kevin Walter nor Jacoby Jones really stepped up and made an impact when WR Andre Johnson and Matt Schaub went down last season. Although the Texans boast arguably the greatest running back and running attack in the NFL, those guys barely averaged 10 yards per catch. It is safe to say when their contracts are up they will not be in Houston. Andre is getting old, we have to face the facts, his last injury involved no contact. So why not draft a WR that Andre can mentor and hopefully help become is eventual replacement? Perhaps in WR Stephen Hill or WR Kendall Wright we can draft our feature WR of the future. This will give Schaub a new target that he desperately needs, seeing as TE Owen Daniels and Andre have had their 2 worst career season in a row due to injuries. It will also open up the field for the run game, and seeing as Gary Kubiak can coach, and Foster and Schaub know how to run play action as well as or perhaps better than anyone else in the NFL, this will be beneficial to the offense as a whole. The last and only Texan WR first round pick was Andre Johnson.

2. Offensive Line

We need to replace our offensive line due to the departure of RT Eric Winston. The Texans front office could go get Mike Adams OT out of Ohio State. The guy is 6’7 and weighs over 300 lbs. The Texans would be investing in a giant wall that can protect QB Matt Schaub as well as block for RB Arian Foster. Winston was getting older, producing less, but was valued nonetheless. The Texans front office let Winston walk either because they trust that OT Rashard Butler could fill his role, or they plan on drafting someone in the 1st or 2nd round. Houston gave Arian the big bucks this summer and signed him long term, so it wouldn’t it be nice to have a new talent on that OL for him to grow with? The Texans have had a solid line for the past 2 years, but they lost their leader, although they didn’t lose too much talent.

3. Tight End

I love myself some Big O. When near 100% TE Owen Daniels is among the very best at his position in the NFL. Daniels and Schaub are just as in sync as Johnson and Schaub. He is quick and has great hands, but his quickness has been receding ever since he injured his knee. He has taken a hit in production in the past year, but has still had some spurts of production. TE Joel Dreesen last year was one of the most undervalued players in the league, and was probably the best 2nd string TE in the NFL last year. Now he is off to play with QB Peyton Manning in Denver. TE Coby Fleener’s draft stock has risen since the performance of Gronk and Graham last season. A stud TE is valuable, and Kubiak knows how to coach a two TE play action set better than most. This guy can even pull sumo wrestlers, and no that is not a joke for some odd reason.