Houston Texans Loss Comes With a Side of Joy


Watching today’s game in which the Carolina Panthers manhandled the buffoonish Houston Texans was rather painful. It seemed as if T.J. Yates regressed to his college days while the defense took a day off. Apparently Ben Tate did not get the memo that he was a power rusher either as he continually got stuffed in the run game.

Arian Foster was, perhaps, the lone bright light for the Texans. He accumulated 109 rushing yards, one rushing touchdown, and 58 receiving yards putting him over the 1,000 rushing/600 receiving yards mark for his second year in a row. Still, though, his performance pales in comparison to the real feel-good story of the day at Reliant Stadium.

You see, today was a day in which the Texans honored the memory of Marine SSgt. Scott Wood. SSgt. Wood has a five year old son, was married for eight years, and was about a month away from returning home from Iraq when he was killed in the line of duty. So how does this involve the Texans?

Well, apparently SSgt. Wood was also an avid Texans fan. He loved his Texans so much, in fact, that when he was buried in his dress blue uniform he was wearing an Andre Johnson jersey underneath it. The Marine Corps motto “Semper Fi” means “Always Faithful” and that is what SSgt. Wood was when it came to his Texans.

As his wife, Sara, grappled with the idea of living life without him she received a phone call from the Texans who told her that they would like her to be their guest at the game and would like to give their son some Christmas presents. Knowing that this is what her husband would want, she went to today’s game. SSgt. Wood’s story was told over the loudspeaker at the game and the stadium roared with appreciation for his selfless sacrifice for our country, Sara could not hold back the tears.

But things were only beginning to get good…

You see, Dan Wallrath, the founder of Operation Finally Home, got wind of Sara’s story. Dan has been working with builders around the country to renovate old homes or build new homes for military families. Sara was in for the surprise of her life!

Operation Finally Home was going to build her and her son a brand new, custom-built, mortgage-free home in the Houston suburb of Alvin.

Sara began to shake as tears filled her eyes and she had to cover her mouth to muffle her cries when she learned the news. People were cheering, the music was pumping, and her son was enjoying his new toys.

So, Texans fans, next time you see Jeremy Shockey just remind him that the Texans are one of the most patriotic teams in the NFL. That we love and respect our military and that the next time we see him we will be sure to show him some love too (sarcasm included). Today the Texans did Houston proud and honored one of America’s true heroes, SSgt. Scott Wood.

Semper Fi SSgt. Wood – All Gave Some, You Gave All!