Jacksonville Jaguars Media Whines, Houston Texans Media Replies


The Houston Texans are finally getting recognized in the NFL, although it may not be for the right reasons. As I reported Sunday, after the game, Jacksonville Jaguars players Terrance Knighton and Jeremy Mincey complained that the Texans were playing “dirty” football in their matchup. Well apparently the media surrounding the Jaguars have taken this accusation quite seriously. So seriously, in fact, that one media personality not only wrote a “letter” to Houston but is also contacting the NFL about the Texans.

As reported by Sports Radio 610, Steve Wrigley – the sports director for Action News in Jacksonville – sent the following letter to all of Houston in response to Sunday’s game.

"Hello Houston!Had a great time visiting your city last Sunday.  I read coach Kubiak’s comments regarding the accusations the past two weeks about “dirty play”.  Coach Kubiak says the Texans are not about to change the way they play.  Enclosed is a picture of Brain Cushing with a fist to the throat of Blaine Gabbert and Duane Brown giving Clint Session, “the business”.  Clint laughed it off but by the look in his eyes I think it is safe to say that Blaine did not enjoy the trip to Houston as much as I did.   Is this the type of message you want to send to the youngsters playing football in Houston?  Is this the type of sportmanship the NFL is all about?Thanks for your time and consideration.Sincerely,Steve WrigleySports Director, Action News Jacksonville"

Wow! Really? Since when did the media become sports Nazis? This letter not only reflects Mr. Wrigley’s ignorance as to how the Texans play but also to the types of actions taken by the players in Sunday’s game.

The following pictures are those which Mr. Wrigley referenced as his evidence of the Texans dirty play.

In this image ILB Brian Cushing has QB Blaine Gabbert pinned to the ground and appears to have an arm on Gabbert’s throat. While this shot is inconclusive as to whether or not that allegation is accurate, this looks like good old-fashioned football to me.

This is OT Duane Brown purportedly punching a Jaguars player in the stomach while out of bounds. Brown replied to the accusation stating that he was simply trying to stand up and lost his balance. Either way, this does not look like a punch to me…

 Well, Josh Innes and Rich Lord of the J & R show on Sports Radio 610 were kind enough to respond to Mr. Wrigley with their own letter to the city of Jacksonville. Their letter is, *ahem* a bit more hilarious than that of Mr. Wrigley but does make a very valid point:

"Hello Jacksonville! We have visited your city multiple times.  And when we weren’t busy counting mullets, Confederate flags and watching old people crash carsinto convenience stores, we were seeking cover and trying to not get shot. Coach Gary Kubiak says the Texans (5-3, 3-0 in AFC South) will not change the way they play.  Unfortunately for your city, coach Jack Del Rio has not said the Jaguars (2-6, 1-1 in AFC South) will change the way they play.  It’s impossible, especially when you have a future bust and softy at quarterback – as well as receivers picked out of a trash heap – powering your offense. But we digress.Below is a video of Terrance Knighton hitting Drew Brees late.  Yikes.Steve Wrigley, sports director at Action News in Jacksonville, told SportsRadio 610 that he hadn’t seen dirty play from the Jaguars all year.  We have no choice but to assume he’s not really keeping up with his team. But is that the kind of message you want to send to the youngsters playing football in Jacksonville?  Is this the type of sportsmanship the NFL is all about?Maybe this question will hit home with you all in that part of Florida. What would Tim Tebow the saint do?While we’re on the subject of  being an example to America’s youth – and we’d honestly be surprised if you have any kids in your 875-square-mile-senior-center of a city- here are some additional points to consider and questions to ask yourselves: –          Is Blaine Gabbert yelling a certain profane word that starts with “mother” a good message for the children? Come on, man. –          While we are on the Gabbert subject – is playing quarterback like he does a standard you want your children to live up to?  Because we think stinking it up on the field for 60 minutes every Sunday seems to be the easier option for some of you.–          In the movie Bambi, Thumper said: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”  Well, Terrance Knighton said he hates Houstonand hates the Texans. OUR FEELINGS OUR HURT.  WE ARE WRITING A LETTER TO THE NFL DEMANDING COMPENSATION. –          Debate class 101: If you make a claim or announce a bold opinion, like the one Terrance Knighton stated about the Texans being arrogant, back it up with evidence when asked about it. Knighton, your argument is lacking, and we rule it an epic failure on your part.–          Is whining after a loss in Houston (Jaguars players) or crying about something Houstonians alledgedly want for children (Wrigley) acceptable? We guess it’s okay, but those actions are on you.We hope these points will encourage the Jaguars, Wrigley and all the other members of the Jacksonville Football Moms Club to reconsider their anger at those meanie Texans. But, most importantly, we urge Steve Wrigley to man up.Sincerely,The guys from the J&R show on SportsRadio 610 in Houston"

While their letter was intended to be more of a pun than a serious condemnation of Mr. Wrigley or Jacksonville, they do make some very valid points.

Look, it boils down to this…the Texans are playing on a completely different level than teams are used to seeing from Houston. They are bullying offenses, shutting down quarterbacks, and wreaking havoc in a way that most teams are left with a sense of “shock and awe”.

Before this season everyone looked down on the Texans as the little-engine-that-could, and now that the Texans ARE, other teams are having to find new dirt to dig up. Accusing the team of playing “dirty” is immature and beneath the Jaguars. This is football, a full-contact sport, and as such there will always be hits that are questionable. The idea is to dig in harder and retaliate on the scoreboard, not write letters and whine to the media, that is so middle school.