Toro Times Week 5 Power Rankings: Houston Texans a Top Six Team?


Are the Houston Texans a top six team? They looked the part against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Kansas City finally won a game. The Detroit Lions overcame a 24 point second half deficit to beat the Dallas Cowboys. Houston Texans pro bowl wide receiver Andre Johnson will miss at least three weeks with a hamstring injury. The Texans hold on tied for first in the division with the Tennessee Titans. With all that said here are the Toro Times power rankings going into week five.

32. Indianapolis Colts- Without Peyton Manning the Colts are just not very good. The “Suck for Luck” campaign may be a reality in Indianapolis.

31. Miami Dolphins- Chad Henne is out and the Matt Moore era has officially began down on South Beach.

30. St. Louis Rams- Lost yet again to the Washington Redskins. The Rams also seem to be one of those teams snake bitten this year.

29. Minnesota Vikings- Lost to last weeks worst 0-3 team the Kansas City Chiefs.

28. Denver Broncos- Not much going right for the Denver Broncos but they are still not ready to play Tim Tebow at QB.

27. Kansas City Chiefs- No longer the worst 0-3 team after beating Minnesota to move to 1-3.

26. Jacksonville Jaguars- The Jags have some young talented players & they just locked up one Mike Thomas by giving him $18M over the next 3 years.

25. Seattle Seahawks- The offenses seems to be evolving but came up short against Atlanta.

24. Cincinnati Bengals- Cedric Benson could still play yet again this week and managed to knock the Buffalo Bills from the unbeaten ranks.

23. Carolina Panthers- Carolina fell victim Devin Hester and the bears special teams.

22. Tennessee Titans- Losing Kenny Britt for the season is going to hurt but Matt Hasselbeck has them currently in contention in the AFC South.

21. Arizona Cardinals- Beanie wells ran all over the Giants and if not for a bad call the Cardinals may have actually won the game.

20. Cleveland Browns- Beat by Tennessee at home didnt sit well with Cleveland fans.

19. San Francisco49ers- Sitting on top of the NFC West division where not many expected them to be and yet here they are.

18. Washington Redskins- Beat a snake bitten St. Louis Rams team.

17. Chicago Bears- Matt Forte ran for over 200 yards and Devin Hester adds another return for a touchdown.

16. Atlanta Falcons- Most thought the Falcons would be better than this at this point of the season and barely got by the Seahawks.

15. Dallas Cowboys- The Cardiac Cowboys and Tony Romo came up short by blowing a 24 point third quarter lead to the Lions.

14. Oakland Raiders- Wasn’t able to travel to Foxboro and make it happen.

13. New York Giants- Sucked on out against the Arizona Cardinals on a bad call by the referees.

12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Are tied with the Saints in the division and pulled one out against the Colts on Monday night.

11. Pittsburgh Steelers- Age is definitely catching up with the Steelers as they were beat up by the Houston Texans.

10. New York Jets- Lost to Baltimore on Sunday night and didnt look good at all.

9. Philadelphia Eagles- Dream over for the dream team? Mike Vick says so.

8. Buffalo Bills- After losing to the Bengals a drop is almost mandatory.

7. San Diego Chargers- In desperate need of Antonio Gates returning to the line-up.

6. Houston Texans- Houston made a statement by beating up the Pittsburgh Steelers but lost Andre Johnson in the process for at least 3 weeks.

5. Detroit Lions- Coming back from 24 down against the Cowboys has definitely made everyone take notice.

4. New England Patriots- The Patroits managed to beat an inconsistent Oakland team but a porous pass defense proves they are susceptible.

3. New Orleans Saints- The Saints never struggled against a young Jacksonville team.

2. Baltimore Ravens- Beat up on the Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets.

1.Green Bay Packers- Aaron Rodgers threw four touchdowns and ran for two touchdowns. Rodgers is the first player to ever do so.

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