Houston Texans Arian Foster is Equipped With a Third Lung


By pro football performance standards Arian Foster appeared to return at full strength on Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Foster carried the ball 30 times for 155 yards and a touchdown.

During a post game interview with the Houston media Foster also seemed to be at full strength with his quick wit and humor.

Asked by Rich Lord, “How we’re you physically? Toward the end were you wearing down at all? How’s the hamstring? Tell us exactly how you’re feeling?”

“No, I have three lungs.” The philosophy major from the University of Tennessee quipped. “Yeah, I got three lungs so I got one on reserve. Whenever one gets a little empty I tap into the other one.”

Rich Lord holding back laughter quickly responds with, “What!? God was good to you, huh?”

“Who? Who’s that? Oh yeah, anatomy. I guess I’m just a genetic freak.” Foster retorts.

Along with the crew at Sports Radio 610 we here at the Toro Times are patiently awaiting Arian Foster to follow his anatomy tweeting trend by following suit with a tweet of the MRI of his third lung and quite possibly a quick pic of Andre Johnson’s anti-awesomeness while he’s at it.

Many throughout the mainstream Houston media opine that the hometown Texans’ running back is somewhat off-center. John Lopez of Houston Sports Radio 610 is initiating a campaign to get the hashtag #KeepArianWeird trending on twitter in the Houston area. Be sure to do your part.

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