Houston Texans: The Morning After


Welcome to the “Morning After”, a collection of highlights that you may have missed from the game. This blog will be a common sight from here-on-out as  we seek to keep Texans fans well informed. So, here it is…everything you may have missed and some you did not.

1. The Houston Texans came out firing on all cylinders as highlighted in Rick Brokaw’s halftime article

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Elsewhere in the cyber world we found some Texans vs. Colts Highlights and some great quotes:

TEXANS OWNER ROBERT MCNAIR: (on the performance of his team) “I’m just delighted with it. Of course, we worked hard on our defense and to see them respond the way they did was just terrific.”

HEAD COACH GARY KUBIAK: (on if this is the best performance since he’s been here) “That’s the best half of football we have probably played as a team. It was explosive in every area: offense, defense and special teams. We have to be that way. They’re a heck of a football team and it’s a big division rival. We talked about starting fast as a football team and we’ve had a good camp. I would like to see us finish better. I’m talking offensively. I don’t like the way we turned the ball over in the fourth quarter. But it was a great group effort. We had explosion from every facet of the football team and that’s what you’re looking for.”

(on how he felt to be up 34-0 at halftime) “Coach speak, you have to keep them going.”

DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR WADE PHILLIPS: (on OLB Mario Williams progress at his positional change) “Looks like he (Mario Williams) can play outside linebacker to me. That first series he sacked the quarterback. He had a good game.”

FB JAMES CASEY: (on if he feels his lead blocking is key to the 216 yards rushing the Texan’s had today) “No, I will never take too much credit for what the running backs do. They’re the ones carrying the ball. I’m just trying to get on my guy and do my job so that hopefully we get a lot of yards rushing. They get a lot of yards out of our two tight end sets as well. That’s something I don’t say because I’m just trying to do the job our offensive linemen do, our tight ends do, and our receivers do—to give them holes. They’ve got to make the cuts; that’s what they’re paid to do. It feels good that Ben Tate, in his very first game, in the NFL rushes for over 100 yards. He’s probably thinking that this isn’t too hard of a deal.”

WR JACOBY JONES: (on his punt return touchdown play) “He (punter) actually hung it. Those types of balls are usually a fair catch, but my guys did such a good job of holding them up from getting down there I just took it and do what I do best, which is run as fast as possible.”

QB MATT SCHAUB: (On if the turnovers bothered the team and him) “Yeah, it bothered me personally, turning the ball over. We pride ourselves on making good decisions and taking care of the football and the one got away from me and then I made a bad decision in the red zone. I’ve got to be better, all game long I could’ve played better for this team and Ben (Tate) knows that he needs to hold on to that football but it was good to see how our defense responded. That was a positive. Our defense went out there and they had my back and held them and got the ball back to us. We just have to move on and learn from it.”