Houston Texans: Top Ten Team, Derrick Ward, and More…


As we prepare for tomorrow’s game against the Indianapolis Colts let us take a minute to review a few headlines that are worth mentioning. Do not read too far into these ramblings though, the season has yet to begin for the Houston Texans and they still have much to prove. 

For the first time in team history the Houston Texans have been rated in the top 10 teams of the NFL. In a league where respect is earned, and never given away, this is major progress for the Texans. Coming from a season that most fans wish to forget, the Texans are in prime position to rock the NFL with their high-caliber offense and new-and-improved defense.

Elliot Harrison of NFL.com said, “Forget last week — Houston looks better than Mila Kunis”. He points out the return of a healthy Owen Daniels, the new 3-4 defense, and the necessity for Andre Johnson to remain healthy.

Week 1 Power Rankings: Texans Crack the Top 10

Speaking of remaining healthy…Arian Foster is currently listed as “questionable” for tomorrow’s game against Indianapolis. The likelihood of him playing with an injured hamstring, however, is slim to none. He has missed three practices this week and has only been jogging around the practice field in the meantime.

Back-up running  backs Derrick Ward and Ben Tate are prepared to take the majority of the rushes in Foster’s absence.  Ward, who proved to be a solid back-up for Foster last season, averaged 6.3 yards per carry last year and rushed for a TD in this year’s preseason. Tate, who suffered an early season-ending injury last year, really shined in this year’s preseason game against the New Orleans Saints where he rushed for 95 yards, caught a pass for another 13 yards, and added a TD for dramatic effect.

Both Derrick Ward and Ben Tate have been put on notice that they must be ready to play this Sunday. However, Coach Gary Kubiak is not yet ready to completely write off Foster yet. Coach Kubiak stated, “I’m not worried about Arian knowing what to do. He can line up and play” which may suggest that Foster could still show up on the starting lineup come tomorrow afternoon.

Texans’ Foster Misses Third Day of Practice

Team captains were named this week and all of the captains are returning to their roles except for one. QB Matt Schaub and WR Andre Johnson were named the offensive captains while LB DeMeco Ryans and DE Antonio Smith were named captains for the defense. New this year is special teams captain K Neil Rackers.

Lastly, I leave you with some quotable quotes from two Texans players.

Rookie DE J.J. Watt is not worried about Peyton Manning not being on the field. He expressed his enthusiasm when he said, “I believe on the stat sheet, they still count it as a sack whether it’s Kerry Collins or Peyton Manning. I’m just excited about the opportunity to play in the NFL and to go out there and try and get after somebody”.

RB Arian Foster was questioned on if he had any emails from the “hamstring god” to which he replied, “Nope. He didn’t hit me in my inbox”.

That’s all for tonight folks, remember to tune in tomorrow afternoon at 12pm CT for the matchup between the Houston Texans and the Indianapolis Colts. The roof report says that Relient Stadium will have a closed roof for tomorrow’s game. The game can be seen on CBS or DirectTV 706. It can also be heard on Sports Radio 610 AM, 1010 AM, or KILT 100.3 FM.