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Market for Texans ” Sweet Feet”, Vonta Leach Begins to Heat Up


It looks as if Vonta Leach may have many suitors. Houston sportscaster Mark Berman reports that along with the Texans, the Cowboys, Ravens, Broncos and Giants are in hot pursuit of “Sweet Feet” as Leach’s Texans teammates refer to him as. Leach hasn’t missed a game for the Texans since 2006. Last year Leach served primarily as a blocker for Texans running back and the NFL’s rushing champion Arian Foster.  

The Texans have little room left under the current salary cap and would need to juggle some salaries in order to pave the way for the fullbacks return. Leach believes and has hinted at wanting to be the highest paid fullback in the game. As does his agent Ralph Vitolo who has stated, “He deserves to be the highest paid based on the merits he accomplished last season.”. Leach insists the Texans are his first choice.

News outlets around Houston have reported that head coach Gary Kubiak and vice president of football operations Chris Olsen have both been in contact with Leach and his agent since the free agency period opened up.

“I think it’s great,” said Ralph Vitolo, in an recent interview. “It shows their committment to Vonta. “With the head coach involved, hopefully it’ll make the job easier to get him signed with Houston.”

Philadelphia Eagles Leonard Weaver became the leagues highest paid fullback last year when Weaver signed a  three-year deal worth $11 million that included $6.5 million guaranteed. 

In order for the Houston Texans to retain Leach’s services it looks as if  Texans general manager Rick Smith will need to cough up roughly $4 million plus an incentives package that allows him to exceed $4 million a year if certain incentives are triggered.

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