Houston Texans Vonta Leach, “When You Are the Best at Your Position”


Today on Sirius XM NFL Blitz Houston Texans Running Back Vonta Leach was a guest on the show with Adam Schein and Rich Gannon. While we were not actually able to catch the whole interview thanks to Adam Schein we were able to get a couple of Leach’s comments on record.

While Leach touched on what Coach Gary Kubiak means to the team as a coach and a person. One of the main points of the interview is that Leach wants to be the highest paid fullback in the league and deservingly so.

Leach says flat out by going on record and saying, “when you are the best at your position, you want to be compensated like it.”

Vonta Leach also isn’t shy about allowing the feeling to escape him that if need be he is preparing for life after the Texans assuming the team chooses not to resign him at the amount of money that Leach feels like he deserves. “The giants, seahawks, and chargers are on his radar if I leave Houston” Leach says.   

While we speculate that there will not be a huge market for a traditional fullbacks services the three teams that Leach mentions are in fact but a hand full of the teams that do use a traditional fullback in their own offensive schemes.

Philadelphia Eagles Leonard Weaver became the leagues highest paid fullback last year when Weaver signed a  three-year deal worth $11 million that included $6.5 million guaranteed. 

In order for the Houston Texans to retain Leach’s services it looks as if Texans General Manager Rick Smith will need to cough up about $4 million plus an incentives package that allows him to exceed $4 million a year if certain clauses are triggered.

Does Vonta Leach stay home in Texas? We believe Leach wants to be a Texan but we are not sure the Texans will make the fan and locker room favorite the kind of offer that Leach is seeking. Guess we will be finding out in a few days.

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