What the Houston Texans are Getting with Jonathan Joseph


Johnathan Joseph will sign a five-year deal worth $48.75 million, including $23.5 million guaranteed and a signing bonus of $12.5 million.

With that kind of jack, cheese, cheddar one would of thought that the Houston Texans were getting a top ten cornerback. The youth and length of the contract is definitely a plus but Joseph did not make the grade as a top ten cornerback last year.

The Houston Texans had to generate something out of nothing when rumor came to fruition that Nnamdi Asomugha did not want to play for the Texans but instead was willing to take less money to play for the New York Jets.

Joseph ranked 67th in receptions allowed per coverage snaps by ProFootballFocus.com, in 371 coverage snaps played 42 receptions were allowed by Joseph for a 11.32% coverage snap to reception percent. Joseph also ranked in the bottom 25% of catches allowed per coverage snap by putting up a dismal 75th ranking due to allowing 42 receptions out of 66 passes thrown Joseph’s way.

Jonathan Joseph also didn’t rank in the top 25 nor the bottom 25 in the category of times thrown at per coverage snap. Meaning Joseph is not exactly a cornerback that offensive coordinators are afraid of but not someone they intentionally game plan to attack either.

While the Jury is still out for me on Joseph many Texans are excited by the move and it’s a move the City and franchise deserved. Let’s hope that the Texans front seven can establish a monster pass rush this year. That alone will ultimately have all the members of the secondary improving significantly on their pass defense numbers and we can all feel better about this free agent signing.

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