CBA Almost Done? (again?) Free Ageny Frenzy to Follow?


I know, I know, it seems they’ve been saying this all month, and last time was supposed to be the real deal, but the player representatives immediately shot it down, causing fans and players to rip their hair out, punch walls, or whatever venting method they could think of (this would have been the only time it’s ok to have cried, I did.) it probably put a few extra dollars in a contractor’s wallet and maybe barber who cut off a dudes hair that he couldn’t pull out, but it took quite a few million out of the NFL’s wallet and some folk aren’t too happy about that…

With the NFL player reps and owners speculating a done deal by today, seeing if the NFLPA can re-unionize; all 32 team’s camps could be opened by as early as this Friday, a free agent signing frenzy is certainly immanent as no team activity has occurred due to the lockout, while we assessed our defensive needs in the draft; JJ Watt, Brooks Reed, Roc Carmichael, Shiloh Keo, and “Mr. Irrelevant” Cheta Ozougwu just to name them, we may still struggle a tad, even if we keep our defense intact if the salary cap drops.

We definitely are going to cut a few players that will give us breathing room, but there are a few that are most definitely overpaid, i hope they can either take a pay cut or get traded, if we do not need them. There is no telling what Coach Kubiak, and Rick Smith can do to reel in a big free agent or a great trade.

What is certain is that we’ll have our defensive captive DeMeco Ryans back at the helm to hopefully fill the holes in our swiss cheese of a defense, but it is uncertain that we’ll have our players back, due to a number of them being unrestricted free agents. They are not easily replaceable, but that is what I hope our draft picks can do with time. With only two offensive linemen going into free angecy, one restricted the other not, our offensive line is safe and intact, for now.

I can only cross my fingers and pray that this deal is approved and we can return to football!

– Richard Perez