What Are the Chances of Not Having a Salary Cap?


With the light at the end of the tunnel becoming brighter and brighter each day, that means that the NFL free agency will start shortly. It is believed that the salary cap is going to be set around $120 million. There are numerous teams that have already eclipsed that threshold that would seemingly have to make cuts on their roster to get under the cap. Lance Zierlein makes a few eye opening observations that can make Texans’ fans feel a little more excited about the Texans’ involvement in not only this upcoming offseason but for the next couple of offseasons.

Zierlein talks about the possibility of the first couple of years of the new CBA having no salary cap. Some might seem skeptical about this idea but it makes sense. The whole idea of having a rookie wage scale was because veteran players were getting irritated that rookies were constantly getting paid more than they were without even proving themselves in the league yet. But with some teams already over the $120 million before free agency taking place, it would force teams to cut their veteran players and find other players at a cheaper price. In the end, veteran players are still getting screwed and will be forced to take pay cuts.

If there really is a possibility that there won’t be a salary cap or there might be a soft cap, then the Texans should be players in free agency. I’ve read multiple reports about Bob McNair having money to spend and with this being a make or break year for the franchise, he better be spending to improve the team. That should mean that he can make a very serious run at likes of Nnamdi Asomugha or Antonio Cromartie and keep Leach. If not, then the Texans will have to find creative ways to upgrade their roster.

Some people might think that by not having a hard salary cap in place that it could give a real advantage to the large market teams and that there won’t be a level playing field for all teams. For one, it would force the small market teams to go out and spend more money to stay competitive against the bigger teams. Keep in mind, money doesn’t always necessarily bring success. Money can’t buy chemistry on a team. Regardless of how much money is spent to put a team together, if there is no chemistry between the players and coaches then there is more than likely not going to be much success. Talent can get you only so far some times. A good example of this is Major League Baseball. They have never had any kind of salary cap and in the past decade fans have watched as the Yankees’ payroll has consistently been over $200 million a year and in the past decade they have only won one World Series.

So if there is no salary cap the first couple of years during the new CBA, then the Texans must spend money but they must spend it wisely otherwise we might be forced to watch the playoffs and continue to wonder what could have been.

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