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I recently has a conversation with writer Patrick Allen to discuss the Chiefs and Texans game this Sunday. We exchanged some questions and answers for our readers to get a good perspective of that it’s like from the opposition’s point of view.

Here are question I answered for him on Arrowhead Addict – Inside the Enemy Camp: Houston Texans


Q: After coming out on an explosive streak to start the season, the Chiefs were the last undefeated team at 3-0. But after losing to the Colts last week, they seem to have lost some of that momentum. What happened?

"A: In most cases a loss would hurt a team’s momentum but I think the game against the Colts actually helped the Chiefs. KC came out and started the game with an onside kick. They seemed to believe that they were going to have to steal a few possessions to hang with Manning and the Colts. In the end, however, the aggression hurt them because they proved they could in fact, hang with the Colts. They held Manning to under 250 yards though the air and without a passing touchdown. In fact, the Colts didn’t find the end zone until late in the 4th quarter. What did the Chiefs in against the Colts was their inability to get their passing game going.From here on out the Chiefs should not fear any of their opponents. I’m not saying they should be arrogant but they should not believe they can play with the best of them. This should embolden the coaches to loosen up the game plan a bit.If you are going to lose a game, it might as well be on the road to the Colts."

Q: Jammal Charles at running back is no secret. Thomas Jones is another solid contributor. How will the Chiefs look to use them against the Texans?

"A: It will all depend on what the Chiefs see on the film. If they feel that the Texans are most vulnerable up the gut, you will likely see more of Jones. If they feel Houston is more susceptible to a speedy, elusive back, you will see more of Charles.The Chiefs have proven this year that they will give the most touches to the RB they feel gives them the best matchup. In general terms, if the Chiefs get an early lead, expect lots of Jones up the guy. If they fall behind, you’ll get a healthy dose of Charles for his big play ability."

Q: The Texans have a terrible pass defense so far this season. Will the Chiefs look to exploit that or do you think they will try to remain more balanced on offense?

"A: I don’t think the Chiefs will try to get too far away from their strength which is the run but they have to try to test the Texans through the air. Houston has been very good against the run this season and the Chiefs have been poor through the air. My guess is Houston will come out trying to force Matt Cassel to beat them. The Chiefs need to be ready for that."

Q: The last time the Texans faced the Chiefs was in the season opener of 2007 where the Texans won 20-3. Both teams are much changed now, but which is the biggest difference about the Chiefs now since then?

"A: The Chiefs are literally an entirely different team. There are likely fewer than 10 guys on the Chiefs roster that played in that game in 2007. Scott Pioli and Todd Haley turned over the entire roster and only kept the very best pieces from the previous regime. They even got rid of some good player, like Bernard Pollard, because they are targeting certain personality traits in their players."

Q: What are you expectations and predictions for this game?

"A: This is a tough one. From what I have seen the Chiefs have been fairly consistent this season and the Texans have been a little erratic. I think I know what Chiefs team will show up but what Texans team will play Sunday? I think a lot depends on that.A lot of people are predicting this to be a close game. I have a feeling it is going to be a blow out one way or the other. Either Shaub is going to flip out and throw for 500 yards or Jamaal Charles is going to go off and run for 200.I think it is going to be close for the first half and then one team is going to crumble. Because of the strength of the Chiefs coaching staff, I have to go with KC.No disrespect to the Texans (and I have a lot of respect for the Texans but I am going to say Chiefs 24, Houston 13."

Thanks to Patrick with Arrowhead Addict and in hopes to an exciting injury free game on Sunday.