Talk of Schobel Resumes – Possible Signing Today


In early August, there were reports that former Bills defensive end Aaron Schobel could be signing with the Houston Texans. With his family living just an hour away from Houston essentially makes the Texans his home town team. For this reason and the fact that being closer to his family was important, many speculated that Schobel could be making a move to finish his playing career with the Texans.

Though nearly two weeks later, it was announced that Aaron Schobel would not be signing with the team and he would opt to retire. It was a move that surprised quite a few people, including me. After posted 10 sacks just a season ago, it was hard to believe that a player of his caliber would retire so suddenly and leave so much behind. He would have spent his entire career in Buffalo, failing to have a single playoff appearance with the team in that span.

Now the 33-year-old could be reconsidering his decision. In a very Favre like style, Schobel appears poised to return to the NFL in one last stand with the Texans. This past weekend, there were reports that Schobel was reconsidering his decision to retire and could be making a return to the NFL very soon.

The biggest news so far are reports just coming across very early this Monday morning. According to a very trustful source, Aaron Schobel has agreed to join the team and will be in Houston on Monday to sign his contract. According to the source, the Texans have had an offer on the table for some time now, and now Schobel appears to have enough interest in joining the team.

If this is true, and not just another parade to be burned down at the best part, then this could really help the Texans. After finishing relatively low in sack totals last season, the Texans defense could use a veteran of Schobel’s caliber to help boost their production. With Mario Williams, Antonio Smith, Connor Barwin, and Aaron Schobel all at the defensive end position, it could be the deepest and most talented position of its kind in the entire league.