Aaron Schobel Coming to Houston?


After reports broke early this week that defensive end Aaron Schobel may be on his way out of Buffalo, speculation immediately began on where he may land for this season. There has been talk of Schobel being picked up by the Patriots, a team that is notorious for acquiring veterans who have typically caused the Patriots problems in the past. Also on the radar could be New Orleans, who could be looking for more depth at their pass rushing positions. But perhaps the most suitable place of all would be Houston, Schobel’s home town and possibly the place he would like to retire.

Schobel, a ten year veteran who has played all of his nine seasons with the Bills, was due over $6 million this upcoming season, something the Bills weren’t about to grant. Now it is being reported that the Bills have officially cut ties with one of the best players in their franchise’s history. For a player who has gotten 78 sacks over the past 9 season, the news of his release is definitely making headlines.

Reporters are already asking coaches of potential landing spots for Schobel if their teams will consider adding him to their roster. When asked about Schobel this Morning, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick simply stated, “Right now, I’m really just focused on our team.” Also questioned was Texans head coach Gary Kubiak, who didn’t have anything more to say this morning because he couldn’t comment without tampering, considering that the news of Schobel’s release hadn’t yet crossed the wire. Later in the say, Kubiak told the Texans media, “He’s a heck of a player… we’ll do our homework, just like every other team.”

Now it’s time to speculate about Aaron Schobel coming to Houston. Growing up just 70 miles West of Houston, and also a local product out of TCU, he has not been forgotten as a former star from the city of Houston. In a recent interview with the Houston Chronicle, Schobel said, “If I were a free agent and I could choose a team, it would be the Texans, without a doubt.” That quote was reported just only two days ago, and without much time for any change of heart, his likely destination will be Houston.

So it’s up to the Texans to work out a deal with the 32 year-old defensive end. The Texans could possibly be open to more depth at pass rushing ends. Behind Connor Bawin at end, there aren’t any quality pass rushing players. The team could use a boost on a line that finished 25th in total sacks made last season. Something to also consider is Texans defensive line coach Bill Kollar, who was one of Schobel’s coaches while he was in Buffalo.

Will the Texans make the move on the aging home town star, or will they allow this opportunity to pass? Without many expectations contract wise, the hopes are high for a deal to be prepared soon in Houston.