Texans are World’s 10th Most Valuable Sports Fanchise


In an expected yet still amazing development, the Houston Texans were names the world’s 10th most valuable sports franchise by Forbes. Nick Scurfield from HoustonTexans.com reported the story:

"Earlier this week, Forbes ranked the Texans as the 10th-most valuable sports franchise in the world with an estimated worth of $1.15 billion. Texans founder Bob McNair paid $700 million to the NFL to bring the expansion team to Houston in 1999.It’s a testament to the enormous popularity of the NFL that six of the 10 teams on the list are from the league, including the Texans and Dallas Cowboys (No. 2), Washington Redskins (No. 3), New England Patriots (No. 5) New York Giants (No. 8 ) and New York Jets (No. 9)."

For paying $700 million to get a sports franchise that would be worth $1.15 billion just 10 years later is quite a bargin. You can credit a large part of this to the Texans front office and especially the Texans Public Relations staff for helping to embrace the Texans in Houston and selling out all of their regular season games