Who should start for the Houston Texans with C.J. Stroud out?

C.J. Stroud will likely miss the next game but who should start in his place?
Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens
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C.J. Stroud has led the Houston Texans to a magical season, one that is filled with hope of a new era. An era better than ever before seen. An era that, for now, is on a minor hold as Stroud has to nurse a concussion. He suffered the injury against the New York Jets in the waning moments of the game when his head bounced off the turf at the horrendous field that is MetLife.

While Stroud hasn't been ruled out just yet, as we're not sure how bad the concussion is, it's unlikely he will play on Sunday, and hopefully, he will miss the game. It's better to be safe with the player's recovery from a concussion and give him the time he needs to return to form. Sitting Stroud, even if cleared, is the right move.

But that means that someone else will need to start at quarterback and that means that the Houston Texans will have to turn to either Case Keenum or Davis Mills to fill the role going forward. Keenum, a career backup, had a decent year with the Minnesota Vikings in 2017, but he's largely proven time and time again he's not good enough to start for a franchise long-term.

That said, he is a good enough quarterback that he can fill in for a player for a week or two.

Mills, on the other hand, was tapped to replace Stroud when he went down on Sunday, and while he didn't play well, Mills has largely shown to be a solid backup quarterback in the NFL. While not a winning quarterback, he has more touchdowns than interceptions and a career completion percentage of 63.4%.

While Stroud getting hurt isn't great there are worse options at the backup spot to have. Of the two, neither really screams "better option", as neither man can play close to the way Stroud can. Mills may have the stronger arm at this point in their careers and may be the more accurate passer, but only barely.

So it would make sense to go with Mills, as he seems to be the better quarterback for right now.

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