Who have the Houston Texans signed so far as Undrafted Free Agents?

The Houston Texans have only signed six undrafted free agents so far, but why?
Syracuse v North Carolina
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The Houston Texans have not been active much in the undrafted free-agent department. Nearly a week removed from the 2024 NFL Draft, the Texans have signed just six rookies to their roster. Most teams like to sign 10+, with some going as high as 16 or 17 players. Now, eventually, you're going to have to cut the roster down to 53 players.

That's not really up for debate, the NFL has firm rules in place that say you can only carry so many guys so while signing a lot of undrafted free agents seems like a wise idea, keep in mind that UDA's rarely, if ever make the roster. Should they do just that, it's usually one or two at best. Unless a few guys really blow away a team.

So it's not surprising that the Texans have only signed six undrafted free agents so far, they clearly valued these six names over others, and in the event of them making it deep into the process, the team likely didn't want to divest too much time and energy away from other players.

After all, while the Texans signed six undrafted free agents, they also drafted nine other rookies. That means the Texans have 15 rookies on their roster as of right now. Probably half will be gone by the start of the season, so adding even more UDAs to that number just doesn't make sense.

So, with the signing period largely over, who are the six names the Texans got? Well according to Pro Football Network, this is who the Texans have opted to bring in;

"RB- British Brooks, North Carolina
WR – Jadon Janke, South Dakota State
WR – Jaxon Janke, South Dakota State
DT – Pheldarius Payne, Virginia Tech
LB – Max Tooley, BYU
LB – Tarique Barnes, Illinois"

There's always a chance the Texans sign more guys, but for right now, this seems to be who they're bringing in as rookies. We'll likely see some more movement come June 1 when the league allows teams to cut some more guys without incurring as much in dead cap space on a select few names.