Who are the Top 5 Houston Texans heading into Week 11

Who are the top five rated Houston Texans players according to PFF?
Houston Texans v Cincinnati Bengals
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2. LB Blake Cashman 86.2

The top-rated defensive player for the Houston Texan has been Blake Cashman, a five-year pro who was originally drafted by the New York Jets. A former fifth-round draft pick out of Minnesota, Cashman has been mostly a backup until this season, when he's taken over as the starting Sam linebacker.

In his first year as a starter, he has the most tackles on the team, the most solo tackles on the team, and the second most tackles for a loss. He's also been one of if not the biggest reason the Texans' run defense has been so good, as Cashman is posting a grade of 85.3 against the run according to PFF.

The good thing about Cashman is that he doesn't fall off much when opposing teams try to pass on him. He still rocks a respectable 77.4 in coverage. A comendable number for a linebacker in a mostly passing league.

Cashman has done everything in his power to not only earn more reps with the Texans but a new contract as well, seeing that he's in the last year of his current deal. If the Texans are smart, they're going to do everything they can to retain their best linebacker.