Who are the Top 5 Houston Texans heading into Week 11

Who are the top five rated Houston Texans players according to PFF?
Houston Texans v Cincinnati Bengals
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4. QB C.J. Stroud 81.7

It may seem a bit shocking considering his general impact on the game, but yes, C.J. Stroud is only the 4th highest rated member of the Houston Texans according to PFF. The rookie dynamo is out here slingin' the rock with the best of them but for some reason, he's only fourth among all Texans.

So while some people want to talk about him for the NFL's Most Valuable Player award, it's important to realize that Stroud has achieved his success thanks in part to the play of those around him. Not only that, but the team is winning not just due to his arm, but the defense on the other side of him. These are things that don't get mentioned enough in the national media and it'll be a bit more clear partly why Stroud is having the season that he is.

Still, he has had a season where he's thrown 15 touchdowns, and two interceptions and amassed 2,600+ yards already through nine games. All while adding another two rushing touchdowns to his name. Stroud has been every bit of good as fans had hoped for when he was drafted by the Texans and it's looking like they've found their quarterback of the future.