Who are the Top 5 Houston Texans heading into Week 11

Who are the top five rated Houston Texans players according to PFF?
Houston Texans v Cincinnati Bengals
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5. DE Jonathan Greenard 79.6

Jonathan Greenard has been a defensive end for the Houston Texans since being drafted four years ago. In his time with the team, he's amassed 17.5 career sacks through four seasons and is currently the fifth-rated player according to PFF with a 79.6 rating. He is the fifth-rated overall player but the second-rated defensive player. He edges out fellow defensive end and rookie standout Mike Anderson Jr.

Greenard has been excelling all season as a good, all-around player, who can get after the quarterback as well as he stops the run. He's not a world-beater like a J.J. Watt was, but he's an all-around player who can easily provide a decade's worth of play for the Texans going forward.

Injuries have slowed Greenard, playing in just 42 games out of a possible 58. It's part of the reason why he's never had the huge impactful season one would expect out of the former 3rd rounder, but now fully healthy, Greenard is having the best year of his career so far.

He's amassed a career-high in solo tackles already, has tied his total tackles output, and is one sack shy of his career-high, a number he'll likely hit. With the addition of Anderson, Greenard has been far more effective at getting to the quarterback, so it's likely that he will break his prior best number of 8.0 sacks in his next game.