Where do the Houston Texans' new uniforms compare to the rest of the new NFL uniforms?

The Houston Texans have a host of new uniforms this season but how do they compare to the rest of the NFL?
Jan 30, 2013; New Orleans, LA, USA; Locker room exhibit of the uniforms of Houston Texans defensive
Jan 30, 2013; New Orleans, LA, USA; Locker room exhibit of the uniforms of Houston Texans defensive / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Texans were among a handful of teams who unveiled new uniforms, and despite some trepidation over the uniforms earlier in the offseason, when leaks came out, fans for the most part loved the look of the new jerseys and pants.

So much so that the comparisons started fast and furious, with fans deciding which team had the best new uniforms. So we decided to look at them ourselves and rank them in the order based on style, fit, and design.

Let's start with the sixth entry;

5. The Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns only come in sixth here because they just released a new facemask. The white facemask works with the orange helmets and was the right way to go. That said if someone's hosting a cooking contest for a course meal, and you show up with forks and napkins, no matter how good they look, you're coming in last.

4. The Denver Broncos

It's fair to say that the Denver Broncos post-Peyton Manning has been a mess. Russell Wilson, Sean Payton, Brock Osweiler (*sigh*). It's not been great. These uniforms embody that idea. Not great. It looks like the Broncos are trying to take the worst aspects of the Chicago Bears' orange alternates, the Los Angeles Chargers' dark blues, and the Denver Broncos of old with the all-whites to bring together the worst-looking pair of uniforms I may have ever seen.

3. The New York Jets

I don't mind the New York Jets look. It's not great, by any means, but it feels more like they repeated some past uniforms from eras gone by. Unoriginal but clean despite the fact. They are solid upgrades, nothing flashy or flawless, but good. Dare I say, good enough.

2. The Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions would've won the offseason if they released these at any other time of time, in any other season. They are tight re-designs. They embody the old and the new with these looks while adding on a sick new blue facemask. Yet, it was the black and blue unis that really sold us on them being better than the rest.

1. Houston Texans

Last but certainly not least, the Houston Texans take the top spot. With four new looks, they were going to be hard to beat but the Lions nearly did it, but when you look at the Texans' new blue uniform, with that "H" on the side of the helmet, that got a lot of people hyped. Plus the toro horns on the red helmets were genius. The Texans updated their look while sticking to their roots and it paid off huge.