What should the Texans do with Davis Mills?

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Keeping Davis Mills

While Davis Mills had a lackluster year, marked by wildly inconsistent play, the potential from his rookie season still looks good in a not-too-far-away past. Mills isn't a starter in the NFL; we know that. He isn't a backup option that many would consider a 'veteran' either, as he has almost zero positive play experience to aid a young quarterback. However, one of Mills' best assets is his potential and contract.

With Mills being on a rookie contract, he costs very little against the cap to keep. Current undrafted free agents or late-round selection quarterbacks would be the only upgrade financially, but none exist with his level of experience and potential.

Keeping Davis Mills doesn't hurt the Texans in any way. He's not going to win the starting job. He won't hinder Stroud's development, and he can learn from Case Keenum and develop as a younger backup. The best-case scenario for Davis Mills is to stay with the Texans. Preseason games will be where Mills builds up more of his value and, in the occasional blowout or injury, show some of his growth.

The NFL also added a rule where keeping a third quarterback does not result in any roster penalty for NFL franchises, per Ian Rappaport:

It also makes sense from the Texans' coaching standpoint, as their offensive coordinator and head coach have come from the San Francisco 49ers organization. This organization is largely responsible for the above rule being implemented. That organization has a history of having to play backups and even third-stringers like Brock Purdy due to injuries. Therefore, I expect DeMeco Ryans and offensive coordinator Bobby Slowick to desire to maintain a roster with three quarterbacks.