What does the AFC South look like with just 3 weeks left to go?

Where do the Houston Texans fall with three weeks out in the AFC South.
Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans
Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The Houston Texans are 8-6 after 14 games this season, the same record as the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Indianapolis Colts. All three teams sit at the top of the AFC South with an 8-6 record, but only the Jaguars are technically in first place. The Jaguars have a 4-1 record against the division, giving them the edge, while the Colts are 3-2 and the Texans are 2-2. The Texans still have two games against the AFC South; a rematch with the Titans in Week 17, and a final showdown with the Colts in Week 18 to close out the season.

The Jaguars have the Titans one more time, and of course, the Colts have the Texans. So a lot of things can still change. If the Texans win out, and the Jaguars lose one of their next three games, the Texans will take the AFC South title due to having the better overall record. And with Baker Mayfield's huge comeback season in full swing, a win over the Jaguars would not only help Mayfield rebuild his image but would keep the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the playoff hunt.

And considering the Jaguars are losers of three straight, against the Cincinnati Bengals, Browns, and Baltimore Ravens, it is fair to assume that the Jaguars are going to see Mayfield light up their defense much as Jake Browning and Joe Flacco did for the Bengals and Browns respectively.

As for the Colts, if the Texans do their job, and win their last three games, then the Texans will push the Colts out of the AFC South race just by beating them. The Colts do hold the tie-breaker over the Texans right now, so the goal with the Colts is to finish with a better record. That's all they have to do but with C.J. Stroud out for the Texans once again, this time against the Browns, that is going to be easier said than done.

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