What does the AFC South look like after Sunday's matchups?

Did the Houston Texans make any ground on the AFC South after Sunday?
Indianapolis Colts v Tennessee Titans
Indianapolis Colts v Tennessee Titans / Andy Lyons/GettyImages

Heading into Sunday's games, the AFC South looked like a mess. Both the Indianapolis' Colts and the Houston Texans were rocking 6-5 records, while the Jacksonville Jaguars were 8-3. The Jaguars were able to harm the Texans standing and ability to win the AFC South with relative ease last week, when they defeated the Texans. Had the Texans won, they would've had first place in the AFC South to themselves, and had control of their destiny going forward.

The loss caused the Texans to fall back to third place, tied with the Colts, for the AFC South. The Colts, who are being led by Gardner Minshew, lost Anthony Richardson early in the season. Minshew has replaced Richardson with no real setback in quality, and he's been playing well without their core player, Jonathan Taylor, who held out for a while and then got hurt not long after his return.

Now the Colts and Texans are both trying to not only get to the playoffs but are trying to do so while taking a spot from the other. It's unlikely both teams can get into the playoffs with the loaded AFC this season, and right now the Texans have the most to prove, with the Colts still holding onto the seventh and final playoff spot.

That may change after the later set of games, as the Cleveland Browns (5th) are losing to the Rams and a loss there would mix up the standings hard. The Colts and Texans both won on Sunday, moving to 7-5, and the Jaguars play on Monday against a limping Cincinnati Bengals team, who are without Joe Burrow for the season.

The Texans could get some much needed help if the Browns and Jaguars both lose in back to back games; not only helping the Texans get closer to a playoff spot with the wild card entry but re-opening the possiblity of winning the AFC South.

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