What collegiate players did the Houston Texans bring in for Top 30 visits so far?

The Houston Texans have brought in 25 potential rookies, but who are they?
NFL Combine
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The Houston Texans are a team with some needs. They're on the upper end of teams in the NFL right now but to break through to the top level they're going to need to be as perfect as possible, and that means shoring up some positions of need in the NFL Draft. The Texans will have to do so without any first-round picks this year, as their first pick won't be until Day 2 in the second round.

So to best make sure they hit on their picks, they're utilizing the little talked about Top 30 Visits method that NFL teams are allowed to use. We've spoken before about what exactly is a Top 30 visit, but now we're looking at the players the Texans have brought in to further evaluate.

It's not a surprise that a lot of these names have been brought in, as a few of these guys have been scouted heavily since the combine. So far, we've found just 25 players of the 30 allowed, and these are those 25 names;

  • WR Javon Baker (UCF)
  • S Javon Bullard (Georgia)
  • S Calen Bullock (USC)
  • LB Edgerrin Cooper (Texas A&M)
  • RB Ray Davis (Kentucky)
  • OT Travis Glover (Georgia State)
  • RB Isaac Guerendo (Louisville)
  • DT Michael Hall Jr. (Ohio State)
  • LB Jamal Hill (Oregon)
  • DE Jalyx Hunt (Houston Christian)
  • DE Adisa Isaac (Penn State)
  • OL Mike Jerrell (Findlay)
  • DE Mohamed Kamara (Colorado State)
  • DE Marshan Kneeland (Western Michigan)
  • LB Jordan Magee (Temple)
  • WR Luke McCaffrey (Rice)
  • CB Andru Phillips (Kentucky)
  • CB Ennis Rakestraw Jr. (Missouri)
  • QB Spencer Rattler (South Carolina)
  • CB Decamerion Richardson (Mississippi State)
  • OT Roger Rosengarten (Washington)
  • DB Jaylin Simpson (Auburn)
  • CB Qwan'Tez Stiggers (CFL)
  • OT Kingsley Suamataia (BYU)
  • DE Xavier Thomas (Clemson)

It's unclear if the Texans intend on bringing in five more players between now and Thursday but if they do they're going to have to be quick about it. With just days away before the draft, the Texans can ill afford to drag their feet.

The clock is running out.