What are the options for the Houston Texans backup QB spot?

The Houston Texans received trade calls on backup QB Case Keenum.

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Ryan Tannehill

Again, a move made if they choose to send Case Keenum packing his bags. While Spotrac projects him to sign for $4.9M, he likely will take a deal smaller than that, in the $2-3M range. At 35 years old, Tannehill can't hold out for any big contract anymore, considering he was replaced by Malik Willis and Will Levis last year. Tannehill's starting days are behind him, but if he lets go of his ego, he'll be able to find backup/mentor work pretty quickly.

In a year where the league has seen plenty of inter-division signings, this has the chance of being the next one. After not being able to make it past the championship round of the playoffs, Tannehill may want to ring chase before he hangs up his cleats. If that's the case, he'll be able to do that- and play his former team twice this year. Tannehill should sign with the Texans and have a chance at a chance at a ring as, outside of the Kansas City Chiefs, they look to have the best opportunity at winning one this year.

Tannehill is running out of time, and chances, to win a title. If he doesn't chase the money this year, he needs to go to Houston and take over the mentor role from Case Keenum.