3 ups and 2 downs in the Houston Texans pre-season opener

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Davis Mills looked more comfortable

I know it’s just preseason, as I already mentioned in the opening to take these games with a grain of salt.  But all you can ask of the players is to take advantage of what’s in front of them and that’s exactly what Davis Mills did.

If we are going to applaud Tank Dell for his performance against the Patriots backups, then we should do the same for Mills.  He played very well in this game, helping guide the team to the lead, a lead the team would maintain throughout the game.

Mills completed nine of his passes while throwing 12 passes.  He totaled 99 yards with one touchdown pass and a quarterback rating of 126.7.  He still has a lot to prove and will need to continue performances such as this, if he is going to win the quarterback battle.

Unfortunately for him, he’s not only battling Stroud for the role but he likely feels like he’s battling the fans too.  Most fans don’t want anything to do with Mills and will probably revolt if he starts this season over the number two overall pick, Stroud.

I will say this though, many players have had their breakout seasons in year three, and Mills showed promise his rookie year and had very little help last season.  People were already writing off Josh Allen with the Buffalo Bills before his breakout, which came in year three.  I’m not saying Mills is Allen but give the kid a chance, let’s see what he can do and get behind him if he wins the job.