Updated AFC South Standings Week 5 Edition

Houston Texans
Houston Texans / Logan Riely/GettyImages
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2. Houston Texans (2 - 2)

It's crazy that the Texans seem to be the team getting all the attention, yet they aren't the team in first, but the Colts have been getting plenty of deserved attention too with how well rookie Anthony Richardson has played. I don't think there is any doubt that Richardson and fellow rookie C.J. Stroud have been the best rookie quarterbacks in the league so far. It's very likely these two quarterbacks will finish one and two in the NFL Rookie of the Year voting.

Houston has the Atlanta Falcons, and this is a very winnable game, but when you start to get comfortable and expect wins, that's when the losses come. I know Coach Ryans will not let this team rest and the potential of getting both of their starting tackles back at the same time would be a huge boost to this team.