Updated AFC South Standings Week 5 Edition

Houston Texans
Houston Texans / Logan Riely/GettyImages
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3. Jacksonville Jaguars (2 - 2)

Jacksonville whooped up on the Atlanta Falcons, 23 - 7, and stopped their two-game losing streak. But how will they fare against the Buffalo Bills, arguably the best team in the NFL and was recently ranked number one in the AFC by one media outlet? It will be a tall order to win this game, but the Jaguars have the talent to pull off the upset.

The Jaguars have a margin of victory this season of minus two, as do the division-leading Colts. Interestingly enough, the Texans have the largest margin of victory in the division at plus 17. My worry with the Jaguars is the simple fact that the Jags are a good team, after all, they were a playoff team and gave the eventual Super Bowl champions a run for their money. They could easily get hot and crank out several consecutive wins.