Ugly claims emerge at the worst time for the Houston Texans

The Houston Texans fandom can't catch a break with the current drama surrounding the team's ownership.

Kansas City Chiefs v Houston Texans
Kansas City Chiefs v Houston Texans / Bob Levey/GettyImages

The Houston Texans fandom is beyond delighted right now. Their upstart team of (hopefully) future superstars and Hall of Famers is on the eve of an incredible day. Playoff Saturday. A day the Texans didn't expect to see this season as the team continued to rebuild their roster after trading franchise quarterback Deshaun Watson and all of his nonsense to the Cleveland Browns.

The Texans didn't think they'd be here so fast and most of the NFL world remains flabbergasted that this team of young players really pulled it off, all with a rookie head coach nonetheless. So in maybe the most Texans thing ever; with the team on the verge of pulling off one of the greatest single-season turnarounds ever, they now have to deal with a host of unnecessary drama.

Robert Cary McNair Jr. is trying to get a guardian appointed to his mother, owner Janice McNair, and deemed as incapacitated. Janice, to her credit, has refuted the claims that she's unfit. And this isn't a new thing. Apparently, McNair Jr. most famously referred to his team as "inmates", tried to terminate his mother's rights to her own estate and inject himself there instead just last month.

It feels very movie-villain; ala Ben Stiller in Happy Gilmore, but we don't know what's really happening with the two of them. We're not there. But what we do know is that Janice is the owner of this team, and Bobby Jr. is the CEO, and this nonsense is taking the focus off of what was a magical season for the Texans.

It's really upsetting to think that all of that joy and fun we were having just a few days ago is now marred by this, seemingly petting, squabble over power and control. Maybe Bobby Jr. is in the right here, maybe he isn't, but what isn't right is to have to do this right now. This week of all weeks. These issues can wait, and be resolved after the team they both control is done in the playoffs.

But not before, or worse, during.

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