Top-three interception leaders in Houston Texans history

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Kareem Jackson, a former Alabama standout, was a first-round draft pick by the Texans in 2010 and quickly became a regular starter. He proved himself to be a reliable player who was versatile. He occasionally played cornerback in addition to safety. 

Despite not receiving Pro Bowl recognition, Jackson helped anchor the Texans’ secondary, alongside Jonathan Joseph. His performances spoke for themselves, as he was highly regarded by his teammates and fans. 

In his time with the Texans, Jackson showcased his solid coverage skills, tackling, and playmaking abilities which made him a key contributor to their defense. He would regularly make key tackles, deflect passes and collect needed turnovers which were instrumental in giving the Texans’ offense valuable field position. His presence on the field made the Texans’ secondary a force to be reckoned with.

He currently holds the second-highest number of interceptions in Texans’ history, with a total of 16 to his name, which is a testament to his ability to read plays, anticipate routes and make timely breaks on the ball and solidified him among the top defensive playmakers in Texans history. After spending nine seasons with the Texans, Jackson signed with the Broncos in 2019, where he currently continues his NFL career.