Top 5 players the Houston Texans should completely avoid in the 2023 NFL Draft

Houston Texans, NFL Draft
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3. Houston Texans must avoid in the NFL Draft: Quentin Johnston

The Texans' wide receiver corps underwent a makeover in the offseason. Brandin Brooks was shipped to the Dallas Cowboys and general manager Nick Caserio traded for Robert Woods to replace him. Houston also poached Noah Brown from Big D on a one-year deal but the offense still needs a true No. 1.

Even though this year's wide receiver class isn't filled with star power, there will be several intriguing options in the first two rounds, including TCU's Quentin Johnston, who may be available when the Texans are on the clock at No. 12.

Make no mistake; there's plenty to like about Johnston. He's got a massive wingspan and the size to fight for contested catches. On top of that, he's got the speed to get deep, which would open things up and create favorable matchups for other players on the Texans' offense.

Having said that, Johnston's drop rate of 14.5 percent is a cause for concern when you take into account that catching the ball is a receiver's biggest selling point. What's the point of stretching the field if you're not going to be able to come down with the ball?

Perhaps Johnson's high number of drops is rooted in concentration issues and good coaching could help him overcome them. Maybe it's his fundamentals but regardless, of the reasons, there will be other equally intriguing wide receiver prospects at No. 12.