Top 3 stats to prove Texans' defense under DeMeco Ryans is the real deal

  • Top 10 in fewest points allowed
  • Texans' defense is excellent at stopping the run
  • Winning momentum is real
Houston Texans
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Excellent at stopping the run

We all know everything starts at the line, and this year, the Texans under Ryans are quickly showing that coming in last place the previous year with the most rushing yards allowed per game was something to take personally. Following what could be described as a disastrous year with regards to stopping the run allowing an average of 170.2 yards per game, the Texans have allowed fewer rushing yards per game than the Dallas Cowboys with an average of 108.5 yards in the first six weeks.

There were many who understandably didn’t have high expectations of the Texans having much of a chance to stop the run, but with the right roster moves and a few games under their belt, as long as injuries don’t further their impact, it will soon be time to reconsider what the weakest link in the Texans defense really is.