Three mock trades to land Chase Young for the Texans

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Offer 1: Bleacher Reports' offer

Chase Young BR trade proposal

We've already broken down this offer in-depth, but it's worth rehashing again. Bleacher Report's recent article broke down five trades for five teams to acquire Young's services. In it, this is the following offer they had the Houston Texans sending for the former Ohio State Buckeye.

The logic is relatively simple; the Commanders get a young defensive end in Jonathan Greenard, who has some upside, albeit an injury history on his own, and a third-round pick that could materialize to be a top 90 selection in next year's draft. When I initially saw this, I thought more was needed to get Young. But hey, if Bleacher Report thinks it is, they've done some research, and it's worth listening to.

Obviously, on the Texans' end, this is a great value. The Texans don't own their own third-round selection next year's draft, as their draft day trade back with the Philadelphia Eagles netted the Texans franchise the Eagles' third-round selection in next year's draft. So this selection won't fall in the top 75 and would most likely fall to the later part of the round for the former NFC champion Eagles.

Is Greenard worth it?

As for Greenard, this evaluation gets a little murkier. With new Head Coach and former 49ers Defensive Coordinator DeMeco Ryan coming into the fold in Houston, he has many roster evaluations to do over the summer. The most pressure will be on the areas of his expertise, namely defense. This is an easy move to make if Ryan doesn't see a future for Greenard, a former third-round selection by the Texans. However, the former Florida Gator had shown some upside before injuries that held him out for most of last season. He represents a more cost-effective solution to the edge position opposite Will Anderson Jr. for Houston but would essentially be replaced by Young in this scenario.

Speaking of Anderson, many presume Anderson will play the wide-nine technique in Ryans' scheme modeled right now by 49ers star Edge Nick Bosa. It is still being determined if Greenard would play a similar role behind Anderson or opposite him. Greenard may not fit in the defensive scheme anyways and, therefore, would be entering the season as the backup to Anderson.

Overall, the Commanders get back a young and serviceable defensive end that allows them to see what they have while spending their money elsewhere. 

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