Three reasons why the Houston Texans should avoid Ezekiel Elliott

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For a rebuilding franchise such as the Houston Texans, acquiring the right pieces to mesh with an established young core is pivotal to contention. The franchise is undoubtedly well on its way with the flurry of moves made throughout the offseason. 

While one can certainly argue that a high-octane 2023 NFL Draft period was the stamp of the offseason, there is always room for improvement. For the Houston Texans, figuring out the correct pieces to the puzzle is an ongoing quest among team personnel. 

Here at Toro Times, we discussed the need for the Texans to add more depth to the running back room. While incumbent starter Dameon Pierce and former Buffalo Bills rusher Devin Singletary forming a solid duo in the backfield, additional depth is needed behind them in the event of an injury and to sustain a consistently aggressive rushing attack.

Recently released running back Dalvin Cook has been a name floating around the rumor mills but with his price tag and scheme fit in question, there is a legit debate as to whether or not he would be the right addition. With options around the free agent marking dwindling, could the Houston Texans look to a running back familiar with the lone star state? 

Former Dallas Cowboys star Ezekiel Elliott is a big name left in a small pool of free agents. CBS Sports listed the Houston Texans as a potential destination for the 27-year-old and he would provide the necessary depth that this running back room desperately needs. 

That said, sometimes the game's biggest names aren’t always the greatest fits. Here are three reasons why the Houston Texans should be wary of signing the 2016 first-round pick.