This hypothetical trade lands the Houston Texans a major player on the defensive line

The Houston Texans would be wise to make a deal for Derrick Brown.

Carolina Panthers v Houston Texans
Carolina Panthers v Houston Texans / Tim Warner/GettyImages

The Houston Texans are in need of defensive tackle starters, having lost Maliek Collins and Sheldon Rankings this offseason. Neither player was particularly good, but they were both good enough to start in the NFL. The Texans opted to restart and went out to add some other pieces, and while some of them like Denico Autry may help at the position, it's very likely that Autry is an interior pass-rusher only.

This means that he'll likely be part of a rotation and only plays inside on obvious passing downs. That's a needed skillset, sure but the team is still lacking obvious powerhouses at the spot, yet Texans Wire of the USA Today is suggesting the Texans make a trade for 2023 Pro Bowler Derrick Brown.

Brown, who was the 7th overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft Class to the Carolina Panthers, is likely to not be available this year or even next, as he's put together two fantastic seasons in back-to-back seasons. Still, it's likely the Panthers may look to move him if they're committed to the rebuild. Seeing as though they just signed Jadevon Clowney, however, they may be of the mindset that the Panthers are closer to competing than not.

Still, should Brown become available, and the Texans could afford him, Houston would be foolish not to give him a shot. He's not a sack-machine, but the NFL is too fixated on that stat sometimes. The impact Brown has, especially against the run, is as important as anything else. He can clog up two holes and allow the defensive ends and potentially Autry to work around him.

That ability to clog up an offensive line and demand attention from more than one offensive lineman is not something you can stick a grade on, it's just something every team needs and the Texans need it as much as anyone.