These 4 Houston Texans rookie wide receivers continue to impress

Houston Texans
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Jesse Mathews – Rookie free-agent

Matthews is smaller than most of the receivers vying for a spot on the Texans roster, standing at six-foot tall and weighing 190 pounds but he has a lot of fight in him, which was evident as a walk-on in college with San Diego State.

During his four-year collegiate career, Matthews recorded 174 receptions, 2,109 yards, and 15 touchdowns.  He was also a two-time bowl game MVP with the Aztecs.

"Jesse is another young guy that we think has some promise to him. He’s doing a good job. He just has to continue just like everybody else just continue to be consistent, continue to try to improve daily. That’s all we’re looking for out of all our guys right now."

Coach Ryans

Matthews is probably a longer shot than Wayne to make this roster but if he can, as Coach Ryans said, improve and be consistent, he might be able to find a spot on the Texans practice squad.

The Texans have some talent in their receiver room and will surprise some fans and media.  But make no mistake, the Texans will be a run-first team but in the meantime, they have some guys that if they continue to develop and make plays, will give the Texans a solid, complimentary passing game.

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