These 4 Houston Texans rookie wide receivers continue to impress

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Xavier Hutchinson – sixth-round selection

Hutchinson has a lot of fans out there who are rooting for him and at 6’3”, he could become a significant red zone target for the Texans.  After Nico Collins, Hutchinson is the tallest of the receivers, technically it’s a tie with fellow rookie Jared Wayne.

I was a big fan of Hutchinson in the draft process and spent a lot time watching him and his film.  What I saw was a player who despite being the focal point, he still found ways to make plays.  He’s a great in-traffic receiver, who knows how to high-point the ball.  I’m not the only one that shares this opinion.

"Was the obvious No. 1 at Iowa State this season and thrived despite the attention. Well-rounded more so than someone with a specialty. Rebounder type in the red zone and for being a bigger wideout, he’s fun after the catch."

Chris Trapasso

Hutchinson has been making plays throughout the various camps, including a beautiful 45-yard bomb from Case Keenum.  He also had this touchdown grab earlier in practice from rookie quarterback Stroud.

If Hutchinson can become another weapon, to go with veterans Robert Woods and Nico Collins, along with Dell in the slot, Stroud will have no shortage of targets in this Texans offense.