These 4 Houston Texans rookie wide receivers continue to impress

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Nathaniel "Tank" Dell - third-round selection

The one thing everyone has consistently noticed with Dell is his on-field speed and quickness.  It’s one thing to run a 4.2 40-yard dash but how many times do you see anyone running a straight line for 40 yards, unless they’ve already broken free or running a fly route?

Dell’s extreme quickness and agility will serve him well on the football field when it comes to running quick, crisp routes.  Some might be worried about his size but this isn’t your grandfather’s NFL and he’ll be just fine.  Coach Ryans was recently asked about the receiver group and as it relates to Dell, he said “has been open a lot".

I expect the Texans will move him around the field, lining him up and getting him in motion to help keep the bigger corners from being able to jam him at the line.  He will also make a great weapon in the screen game with his open-field skills.

That open-field running ability will make him a stud in the return game as well.  Dell is going to be a true weapon the Texans will be able to utilize on offense.  That said, I’m still leery of putting any statistical projections or too many expectations on him given the style of offense and rookie quarterback.